Spark Makerspace is a community-run workshop & learning center that is open to the general public in southeastern CT.

Members pay monthly dues to access a full woodshop, commercial kitchen, 3D printers, CNC machine and laser cutter, robotics lab, screenprinting equipment, shared office space, retail space and much more.

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    Emporium April 2017 Update

    Recently Austin Howard and Morgan Snyder became the Leads of the Spark Emporium. This is the retail storefront run by the Spark community located at 13 Golden St. in New London showcasing an extensive range of original products created by artisan makers who live in southeastern CT. Spark Members get a 70 / 30 commission split while non-members get a 50 / 50 split. The Emporium is revamping in the month of April, taking new inventory and re-arranging. There are two drop offs this week between the hours of 4 - 8pm on Friday April 28th and 12 - 5pm on Saturday April 29th as well as by appointment by emailing
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    Communication & Conflict Resolution Workshop

    As a cooperatively organized community, Spark runs on collaboration and trust which requires healthy communication and a clear process for conflict resolution. There are two identical sessions planned in May to introduce nonviolent communication skills and help those present come up with process to use when issues between members arise. Having a set method for how we move through disagreement and charged situations is critical and overdue. This workshop will introduce shared language and frameworks that will benefit all participants in and beyond their involvement in Spark. Alejandro Melendez-Cooper from the Hispanic Alliance will lead the session at the Provenance Center. He has been leading trainings and facilitating conflict resolution for decades. We anticipate that these sessions might be open and available semi-regularly for the benefit of not just Spark but members of the wider community as well.
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