What is Spark?

Spark Makerspace is a community-run workshop and learning center in New London, CT.

Members contribute monthly dues to share a full woodshop, commercial kitchen, 3D printers & electronics, artspaces, shared office, meeting, & classrooms space, retail space and much more. Spark is a community of people who work and play independently & together dedicated to making things and making things happen.

Spark assumed occupancy of the well-known El n Gee music venue in October of 2015 at 86 Golden St. Doors away at 13 Golden St. is the site of shared office, meeting, classroom, and retail space. As a creative & collaborative community the first project of Spark has been to develop the shared spaces. 

Current hours at 86 Golden St. to stop by and help or donate any materials and equipment are:

Mondays 12 - 5pm
Tuesdays 12 - 5pm
Wednesdays 12 - 7pm
Thursdays 12 - 5pm
Fridays 12 - 7pm
Saturdsays 12 - 5pm




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