Cobblebot Progress Update ~ 90% Done

As many people who've been to Spark already know, our third 3D printer has been sitting on the bench half-assembled for months. It's a Cobblebot Basic 15" printer that was a backer reward from Cobblebot's Kickstarter campaign. When we unpacked the kit, the signs were clear that this was going to be a challenge. It was missing necessary T-nuts, had a damaged non-working power supply, an intermittently faulty Chinese-made Arduino Mega clone, and not-what-was-advertised stepper motor drivers.

We've been struggling with this beast since March to get this thing up and running. We've bought the additional T-nuts, salvaged an ATX computer power supply to power it, replaced the Arduino with a genuine Arduino, dealt with a difficult to align Z-axis, and re-wired the Z-axis stepper motors for more power.

Now I'm happy to report that the printer's about 90% done. All motors, endstops, heaters, and thermisters are confirmed to be in good working order. All that's left now is to mount the control board to the frame, manage the cabling, mount the build plate, and calibrate! By the end of Thursday, this project should be off the work bench and in its final resting place near the patio door.

It's almost time for our next project!

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