Sparking a new culture

Spark is the response to a core curiosity:

What will happen if people work together, each committing to do what they are good at and like to do, in a setting designed for learning through peer-to-peer teaching and making things happen together that have a positive impact?

What feels possible is that all involved can find a way to do something valuable in the world that doesn’t feel like “work” yet contains livelihood potential!

Making this happen requires bringing intention and attention to how members show up and act with one another so that the Spark community can establish a dynamic that supports self-directed individual and group work. This stage-setting is the stuff of culture.

Defining Characteristics of Spark Culture

  • A friendly, curious, and helpful attitude
  • Learning through teaching one another
  • A culture of trust and assuming the best in one another
  • Personal and community responsibility & safety
  • Encouragement to do what you are good at and like to do
  • Supporting one another to make awesome things (happen)
  • Repairing things and reimagining waste in all forms as an unrecognized resource
  • Sparking New London and beyond

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  • commented 2018-01-24 10:29:41 -0500
    I was wondering if you had classes or can teach welding.


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