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Got an idea for something and want to see if others are interested in being part of a team to move it from idea to actual thing?

This page is for sharing ideas ranging from playful to business-time for people to comment and rate. Let the community hear your idea for something awesome that you think would cause a spark.


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Instructibles Makerspace Contest

Hi all! I wasn't sure where to put this, or if anyone has mentioned it, but Instructables is holding their 2nd ever Makerspace Contest this summer ( If we register a team and publish instructions on pour projects all summer, we have some great chances at prizes! Even if we don't win anything, we'd be sharing the maker love. I think it would be very fun to do, I'm game!

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Upcycling denim to make useful items for Spark and possibly for sale

Getting together to deconstruct some jeans and then upcycle them into aprons and other items that we could use at Spark. We could screenprint the Spark logo on them and if there is interest, also sell them in the retail store.

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Writer's Group

I'm a children's writer. Interested in hosting some sort of writer's meet-up or class. BIGGER PICTURE: Pool resources with local writers, illustrators, editors to create a functioning publishing company at Spark! Who's crazy enough to join this conversation?

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Fruit trees

Planting or grafting edible fruit bearing trees in the New London landscape. There are several open spaces near the Spark neighborhood that could be a starting point for a larger effort to create an urban orchard project.

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Waste management

Hey everyone! Anyone interested in helping set up a waste management system? I was thinking we just buy a few large trash bins for each work space; however, if people have more creative ideas than plastic bins, I'm all ears! Are there any special waste products we need to be thinking about beyond what can go to landfill or recycle? I've got some worms if people are into vermicomposting! I'm around the next couple of weekends and might go ahead and do a home depot run to get the bins if I don't hear anything to the contrary. It probably makes sense to have a good system set up before Spark opens for general members.

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Corn hole for the patio!

A good "Woodworking for Beginners" project, perhaps??

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