Sparking People & Place

Spark Makerspace is more than the workstations where making happens. Spark is a community of people who work and play independently & together dedicated to a shared purpose.

Spark creates a fun environment for people to learn, tinker, prototype, and play by developing and sharing creative & productive spaces and helping gather people who share interests. Participation in the Spark community is an opportunity to get support & support others in pursuit of igniting the spark within each of us.

Spark also makes it easy for people to collaborate on work that directly contributes to the revitalization of New London, southeastern CT, and beyond.

Spark accomplishes this by working at multiple levels.

Sparking Individuals

  • Increasing access to tools and equipment that are too big or expensive to have at home
  • Providing low-cost & no-cost learning opportunities
  • Building resourcefulness and confidence

Sparking Community Groups & Small Businesses

  • Providing support infrastructure to lower the cost of startup and ongoing operations
  • Matchmaking projects and local organizations with specifically talented people who can and want to help
  • Becoming a supportive hub for entrepreneurial and cooperative business development

Sparking New London & Southeastern CT

  • Helping people who share southeastern CT as a home know each other by having fun together
  • Polishing the identity of New London and the wider southeastern CT area as a center for arts, culture, and manufacturing
  • Increasing civic engagement through facilitating and supporting community projects with purpose


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