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Beginner drawing

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Knife sharpening.

Everyone needs to know how to sharpen a knife. An intro class would be great!

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Macrame Anyone

My friend and I really want to learn, are there any macramers out there that want to teach a how-to?

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Tying fishing flies

Kind of esoteric, but there is a community who does this, usually huddled alone in cold basements.

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Non-toxic Sugar scrub class

Id love to learn how to make non-toxic sugar scrub! Betty's last class on making non-toxic laundry soap was fantastic! I'd like to continue this journey to all non-toxic everyday living products! 😊

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Wiring Electromagnetic Locks and RFID readers

Help needed to set up a few "parlor tricks". please contact me @ mystifiedct@gmail.com if you are willing to provide some tudor sessions!

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Spin Forming


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Powder coat - paint alternative

Would require powder coat gun and oven(a spray booth would also be helpful). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powder_coating

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I love to sing, but I lack self confidence because I'm pretty sure no one want to hear it :) I would assume there are some things a skilled singer could share with the rest of us to help us sound more harmonious.

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Learn to use a vinyl cutter

But of course, first we need to acquire a vinyl cutter. I would like to learn how to use this useful tool to it's fullest potential and make it work for the benefit of the makerspace while having fun! We could make vinyl stencils for painting, sandblasting, wall murals, and signage just to name a few.

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Making Sauerkraut

We tried a couple times but it never really turned out. Have had great success with half sour pickles though. Would love to learn hands-on from someone who can actually make it!

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Laser cutter operation

How powerful is the laser engraver? Can it also cut? It would be nice to be able to cut our own foam organizers.

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Woodworking for beginners

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Silk screening how to

I'd love to learn how to use a silk screen and come away with something I make

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Cabinet making

I would love to take a class

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How to use a 3D printer to create objects

Class on not only the printer but how to create objects using sketchup or other 3d creation programs.

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Dremel Basics

Workshop that brings the manual alive. Assembling and operating the dremel. Function and use of the many attachments.

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Tig Welding

Cleaner than mig or stick. Stronger than brazing.

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Silicone molding and Resin casting


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