Monday May 9th Retail Staging Party

The diverse community of makers coming together through Spark is a perfect storm for the production of cool stuff. It makes sense to have a retail outlet within this community-run workshop for members to have an onsite ready-to-go market.

But, the team forming to make retail happen isn’t sure what to expect or plan for.

So, if you intend to use Spark retail to sell your cool stuff help solve this mystery by bringing things you’ve made and want to sell to 13 Golden St. on Monday May 9th from 6 - 8pm.

This is more than show & tell. We will share plans for how retail will work AND are rolling up sleeves to stage this space in advance of the Food Stroll (two days later) so that the influx of people walking through see what Spark is all about and have the option to buy.

Come not just with your stuff but also a dish to share so we can have a fun potluck dinner party while doing other beautification work at 13 Golden like painting to make the rest of the space pretty. Spark will provide drinks.

It’d also be helpful to share via email or FB pictures of your stuff or links to Etsy shops so we can get a sense of things ahead of time. Requests for certain display items are also helpful.

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