Minutes form April 17th

Present at the meeting: Gabby Casey Nike James


Those who showed up had a focus on screen printing. Having some knowledge, or a want to know.

So we centered the meeting around screen printing.


We walked through the basic procedure of using the Yudu machine.


Things we noticed about the area:

We would like a step stool, trash can, rags, cleaner, and painters tape. And more screens.

We needed more lights. There is electricity in the area. So one can be installed

We need more signage (What chemicals are appropriate in the area)(clean up your area “please leave it how you found it.”

More drying racks, possibly making use of the height of the ceiling. Making a hanging drying rack


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April 2016 Screenprinting & Printmaking Whiteboard

A group of people at the recent Artspace Jam Session generated a Wish List for the Screenprinting & Printmaking workstation. Please comment if you've got some of this stuff and / or share with friends.

The next meetup of the team coming together to make this workstation happen is: Wednesday April 27th @ 7pm after the Working Member meeting.



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