Minutes form April 17th

Present at the meeting: Gabby Casey Nike James


Those who showed up had a focus on screen printing. Having some knowledge, or a want to know.

So we centered the meeting around screen printing.


We walked through the basic procedure of using the Yudu machine.


Things we noticed about the area:

We would like a step stool, trash can, rags, cleaner, and painters tape. And more screens.

We needed more lights. There is electricity in the area. So one can be installed

We need more signage (What chemicals are appropriate in the area)(clean up your area “please leave it how you found it.”

More drying racks, possibly making use of the height of the ceiling. Making a hanging drying rack



Booking out the area ahead of time is highly suggested, and will grant priority to that user. Lets start booking asap.


There is no darkroom area for the photo emulsion process. I can be easily made in the area provided. Either under one of the tables or further back where the Spray room may eventually be.


No one present had a want to work with oil based inks. Which was a discussion point for clean up and disposal so we decided to put that aside till there was expressed interest


We should start ineracting on the website and signage at station for interested people for classes and ideas.


We want to do our first class when we find the tee shirt sizes back from Maple about the kickstarter teeshirt gifts. Then we can order the teeshirts in bulk and have a class making them. If we round off the #s we'll have extras to sell in the retail space, or for fundraisers.


We should stick to one type of emultion and one type of remover. Then we can make a chart detailing good exposure charts. And also have more control over what chemicals are being brought into the lab.


We want to suggest to or screen printers to purchase a screen to be donated to the station



What chemicals are toxic? How do we dispose of them?

Researching the difference between water soluble and oil base inks and how to clean/ use them?

Think of questions to ask AS220 when we visit on May 21st. They are a well established makerspace, with great facilities. What can we learn from them?

How we could make a large exposure unit?

Ask our friends if they have intrest in screen printing to show up to the meetup.

Research where to buy emulsion and remover. And which kind is best for our station.



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