Spark Spaces

At the core Spark is the community of members. The spaces and workstations are where we come together to make and play independently or together. 

The spaces and respective workstations are:

  • the Makerspace on the 1st floor of 86 Golden St: Wood shop, Electronics, 3D printers & Laser, Commercial Kitchen, and Welding outside
  • the Artspace on the 2nd floor of 86 Golden St: Fiber Arts & Sewing, Screenprinting & Printmaking, Small Metals & Jewelry, Drawing & Painting
  • Coworking and Retail at 13 Golden St.

Each station is led by 2 - 3 Working Member Leads in roles of responsibility supported by Working Members who especially use that particular station, as well as Spark staff. All workstations have their own blog on-site for sharing what's up with abilities to comment. Some workstations also communicate off-site using this forum service.

Got an idea for workstation not currently in the mix and want to see if others are interested? Share it on the Ideas page for Group Projects for others to comment and rate. If there is enough community interest a meeting will be held to pull a team together to make it happen!

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