Spark Groups

Spark members come together in all sorts of ways to geek out, collaborate, learn from one another, play together, and make things happen.

Meetup Groups are for people who share an interest. Many meetups coincide with teams that have formed to develop and support workstations.

Most groups communicate via Facebook groups. Some groups have chosen to communicate using this off-site forum service which offers greater functionality than what happens on-site with blog posts and commenting.

If you're interested in starting a meetup group or have a project idea please talk with a Spark Board member and / or share in the Spark Community Facebook page.

Many groups communicate in FB Groups for different workstations. Request to join a group by clicking on a specific station link:




Print Making


Drawing & Painting


Small Metals & Jewelry

Fiber Arts & Sewing

Electronics & 3D Printing



Audio / Visual Club

Spark Writers

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