Chocolate Covered Strawberries!!


Got a sweetheart or maybe just a sweet tooth? Or both?!

Spark is making chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine's Day. At $20 / dozen this is a great deal with all proceeds going to support Spark.

Pre-orders are LIVE NOW!! for pick up from the Spark Kitchen at 86 Golden St. on the days leading up to and including Valentines Day. Go to: to preorder your Chocolate Covered Strawberries. 

Help out by filling orders or preparing strawberries between 12 - 6pm to get a free dozen to take home to that special someone! (even if that special someone is netflix!) You can drop in anytime to help for a few hours. Please sign up here so we can manage workflow:

Being on the production team does require being a Spark Member and that you have taken the Kitchen Orientation. Maple will be leading a few of these in the coming weeks. Here is a link of current sessions. A few more sessions may be added, email to check the status on this.

Quantities are limited, and when we sell out, the event is over! So preorder by this link soon: to make sure you get yours and help spread the word so we hit it out of the park!!!

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