Furniture Design and Construction

I would love to host a class / series of classes on furniture design and construction. I envision having students come to the class with some inspiration photos to share. The first class (or two) would be for sketching and discussing their designs. Also, students would build a small scale model of their project to anticipate any design or build issues that may need to be addressed in the first class (or 2nd). Material and cut lists will be developed to create a shopping list or group order. Starting the build in a following session would leave time for the order to come in. Once the material is in (and we have measured twice) the fun begins! If the students wanted, we could have a final meet up with a critique. Even without the critique, it is fun to step back from your work and see what others have been making! I am inclined to allow the projects to be totally open ended instead of saying "make a chair" or "make something that incorporates 3 materials", as everyone has different furniture needs, aspirations, and skill levels. Designs could be anything from a shelf for your phone and keys to a chaise lounge - the limits are material cost and how much time you want to spend at Spark!

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    Hi guys! I had a tiny chat with Hannah recently, about how I saw this skill share / class format, and she thought it might be better as a project. I agree. I am going to be thinking a little bit more about format, and then hopefully we get something happening!
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    This sounds so cool!
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    Giving Classes: Furniture Design and Construction
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