Working Members

Working Members are the engine that makes Spark happen as a community-run workshop and learning center. In addition to putting time & talent into Spark most Working Members (WM) contribute a suggested $30 / month toward making Spark financially stable.

Working Member tasks include but not limited to:

  • Working shifts to “staff” spaces

  • Leading a skill-share class

  • Tasks identified at the reception areas

  • Picking up donated items

  • Searching for specific items on the Spark Wish List

It is not in the plan to track hours that WMs put in. Part of what Spark stands for is sparking and sharing essential talents. This is more about quality than quantity.

Over time the hope is to find ways for all to contribute that feels NOT like work. Talk with any Board Member about ideas for other things you’d like to be doing for / within the community as a WM.

Looking to schedule a general Working Member shift? Email Casey with your availability.

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