Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Spark Makerspace is proud to be partnering with Yestermorrow Design/Build School to offer some of their courses in southeastern CT as well as explore creating a Community Design/Build Studio.




Part of the purpose of Spark is to prototype a new pathway for place-based revitalization in which residents build new skills and work together to rehabilitate buildings in our depressed market. Spark also desires to get into real estate to stabilize this market to maintain affordability as revitalization happens in order to curb gentrification dynamics in which low-income residents get pushed out.

Working with Yestermorrow is a natural fit to further Spark's growth in this direction. Yestermorrow is a leader in teaching deep green, integrative build and restoration work, offering many different types of classes that span from building tiny houses to carpentry for women to urban resiliency to permaculture and more.

The first Yestermorrow class through Spark is happening in July 2017. This Tiny House Build class is part of the lead up to the Tiny Town event which is in part a celebration of this innovative partnership.


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